Smart Boy Studios is a small studio in Dayton, OH. The mission of SBS is to provide any and all artists with affordable recording, mixing, mastering, and distribution services. Additionally, we have grown to help manage artists, as well as provide a storefront for clothing designers and host for software developers.

The studio started in Lima, OH, in a bedroom as a young man's hobby. The studio eventually moved to Indianapolis, IN, so our owner/engineer could advance his education and career path. Our time in Indy exposed us to many great artists, musicians, industry professionals, and great experiences.

Now in the center point of Indy, Lima, Columbus, and Cincinnati, Smart Boy Studios has moved to Dayton, Ohio, to provide top quality audio services to the heart of the Midwest.

Artist Development/Management - Smart Boy Entertainment
Software Development/Publishing - Smart Boy Technology
Merchandising - Smart Boy Merch

Ash Matthews - Lead Engineer/Producer

Musician since a child, Ash combined his passion for computers with his dedication to music by studying audio technology. Recording his own bands on the most modest of setups, he found a desire to capture performances and manipulate those recordings. This was the birth of Smart Boy Studios.

His first real client, Fenix The Answer, became his best friend. From there, Ash began to study and practice the the art of mixing like a religion. Eventually attending college for Computer Science and Computer Engineering, he minored in Recording Industry Studies to keep learning and boosting his knowledge and skills. 

While in school he started building a network with artists, producers, and anyone in the industry, mainly in Indianapolis. Since relocating to start a career in software development and cyber security, Ash's burning desire to provide high quality audio services is stronger than ever. 

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